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Our Mission

From the start, the mission of BioNeurix™ has been to enhance the physical and emotional wellbeing of our clients by offering superior natural supplements that are both safe and highly effective. Moreover, BioNeurix™ is committed to promoting its products in an accurate, honest, and helpful manner.

Philosophy and Values

BioNeurix™ develops advanced natural medicines that set new standards within the nutraceutical industry for effectiveness, quality and consistency. Our balanced approach to health and wellness combines the "wisdom of nature" with the "power of science". Rather than shunning science, we embrace it - emphasizing credible clinical research during formula design and employing pharmaceutical-grade quality-control procedures during manufacture - in order to harness the full therapeutic potential of naturally-derived compounds. The result: BioNeurix™ delivers innovative, research-based nutraceuticals that achieve excellent real-world success rates.


BioNeurix® Corporation was founded in October of 2002 in order to develop effective nutraceuticals based on the latest clinical research emerging from Europe and the United States. After releasing its first product, AMORYN, in Q2 2003, BioNeurix™ followed with the release of SEREDYN in 2004 and MELLODYN in 2005.


BioNeurix™ Corporation's management and customer support operations are located at its corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Supplements are manufactured and packaged at one of two state-of-the-art laboratories in California and Washington. These facilities have earned a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification with an "A" rating, the highest possible, from the NPA (Natural Products Association). Finally, BioNeurix™ warehouses inventory and ships orders from a fulfillment center in Connecticut.

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